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You can go home again

view across the lawn

You often hear people say ‘once you leave your garden you should never go back’. Well that may very well be true sometimes but not always. I recently went back to the garden where I was head gardener for 13 years and found it not only enjoyable but realized what a stunning garden it really is.


I have been retired for 3 1/2 years, but for those 13 years at the garden I looked at it with different eyes. I was always on a schedule so would look to see what needed to be done next and kept this constant list not only in my head but also on paper. I did appreciate the state of the garden but since a garden is a living thing it needed constant care and that was my responsibility. 

Stewartia just starting to color up

For the first few years after I retired, when I would return to the garden I was looking at it that same way. I would see what needed to be done and always had a hard time not handing my former co-workers a list at the end of my visit. I know that would have gone over like a lead balloon so resisted, but the list was still in my head.

Because of the distance, over 100 miles round trip, I rarely get there anymore. It had been about a year since my last trip there. I don’t know if it just took me awhile to let go of thinking of it as my garden or just the passing of time. I don’t feel like it is my garden anymore and can appreciate it for what it is.

the old employee lunch room

Over the last year the staff had made some bed renovations and improved several areas that were quite striking. This isn’t new for the garden. That was always a part of the process, to renovate older parts of the garden. It’s just that these renovations were some that I wasn’t a part of. The first few years when I went back, they were working on things that we had discussed and planned. 

there’s always room for one more

This means my old garden is changing and I’m not a part of it, which is a good thing. It is changing while maintaining the character of the original gardener who was there 45 years before me. It was always a struggle to change, which gardens need to do, while maintaining the character. We would often get flack from friends of the original gardener who thought they knew how it should be. That often meant no changing at all. Being involved with several other non-profit gardens I get to see this same thing happening repeatedly. 

fall color

Going back in the fall is the best time for me to visit the garden since that was what the garden was known for, fall color. All those years at the garden taught me lessons I now use in my own garden to keep it changing and getting better. I’m sure my own garden is more beautiful in fall because of my time in a fall garden. 

I really wish they would prune back that Osmanthus a bit though. Oops.

Acer japonica Aconitifolium

color and texture


The path less taken

the woodland garden

solid comfort


Schefflera in bloom

stone staircase

old wood bench I put in the garden

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