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Garden Design

Here is a special offer for friends of Old Goat Farm.

If you haven’t seen Garden Design magazine yet, the current spring issue is a great one to start off with!

-There are no ads in Garden Design. Yes, you read that right—no ads. Just 148 pages of beautiful gardens and plants delivered to you each season (Garden Design is a quarterly). These are more like books.

-Many of the stories unfold over 8 to 20 pages. So you get the behind-the-scenes look at topics you care about most—in this issue its daffodils, cutting gardens, designing for small spaces, plus so much more.Each magazine is collectible and coffee table worthy. It’s filled with large, bold photography so you can appreciate the details of gardens that make them great.

Friends and members of the Old Goat Farm get their first issue free when they subscribe! Go online to or call (855) 624-5110 Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm PST.

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