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The one constant at Old Goat Farm is Christmas. Gary has a passion for Christmas that is unsurpassed. He has always pulled out all the stops and decorated to the nines. It probably isn’t a coincidence that Gary saw Old Goat Farm for the first time on Christmas Eve. He immediately started to think how cool it would be to decorate this old house. Being a Victorian type farmhouse it lends itself well to being decorated.

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When I say Gary has a passion, that’s putting it mildly. Normally every room has a different theme and every room has a tree including the bathrooms and hallways. This year since we are dealing with the virus, we are not having teas so have scaled back considerably. There are only 4 trees plus the front porch and several vignettes throughout the house (so far). Last year there were 19 trees in the house and 35 in the garden. A bonus at the farm is that there is a barn which is also storage for the 100 plus containers of ornaments, 20 trees and countless strands of garlands, wreaths and lights. When we lived in the city we had to rent storage which added another whole layer of difficulty to the holiday, running back and forth.

Snowy Owls

The Christmas décor is actually a collection that has been forty five years in the making. Currently there are about thirty to forty different themes that Gary chooses from. They are never the same from year to year (that would be too boring). Even when he repeats a theme he does it in a different room so it is larger or smaller but still never the same.

About 2007 a friend talked us into sharing the Christmas magic with her garden club. Another person overheard that conversation and wanted to bring her club so we did 3 teas. Everyone wanted to come back and bring their own friend so since then it has taken on a life of its own. Usually there are about 35 individual Christmas Teas. For many friends and neighbors it has become a Christmas tradition.

The Garden

For my part I try and stay out of the way. We close the nursery the first part of October so I concentrate on putting the garden to bed which keeps me outside. I kid Gary that he does all this to get out of that big chore but this year he also helped with garden clean up, one upside to the virus. Besides the decorations the teas are accompanied by a selection of very tasty desserts. Hopefully next year we will be back to normal. If you would like a little taste of Christmas Old Goat Farm style, you can follow Old Goat Farm's Facebook page and starting December 1st I'll post a room a day, as in the past, chosen from our favorites over the last 15 years.

Enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

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