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An Artists View of Gardens

Seattle Garden Tour 2018

I’ve had the opportunity to escort several garden tours over the last 15 years. Usually most people accompanying me experience them similarly, taking photos and and asking questions. It is quite a visual approach to the experience. That is not always how people see gardens though, some artists look at things differently than most of us.

Chihuly Garden

I have had the chance to travel with one particular individual three time, Charleston/Savannah, England and more recently the garden of the Seattle area. Judy walks into a garden and gets a feel for it and makes a sketch of something that appeals to her by which to remember it. She sometimes also makes small notes of something she cares to remember. She usually does a quick sketch than in the evening finishes it with water colors.

I thought this was a very unique way to travel so asked her if I could share some of her sketches of the recent Seattle tour. Besides being a cleaver artist, she brings a lot of positive energy to all the tours I have been on with her and hope that I get to travel again with her in the coming years.

I love that the world is made up of diverse and wonderful people that keep expanding my horizons and get me to look at the world a little differently.


Old Goat Farm

Old Goat Farm

Veggie Garden at Pike Place market

Streissguth Garden

Welcome dinner

White Garden

White Garden

White Garden

oops- did I say that?

Carhart Garden


Frogsong Garden

Riehl Garden

Graham Garden

Lane Garden

Pacific Bonsai Collection


Sparler Garden



Chatting with fellow travelers

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