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Tom and Jerry

This has been another great year here at Old Goat Farm. Being the week of Thanksgiving makes me reflect on how fortunate we are to be living at Old Goat Farm. What started out as a whim or maybe a mid-life crisis has turned into a truly unique lifestyle. We are lucky to be able to combine our passions for plants and animals and spend our time immersed in that every day.

the garden

I’m thankful to be a gardener, both as a hobby and professionally. It gives me a closer connection to the earth, literally, I spend many days on my hands and knees either taking something out of the earth or putting something in. It makes me aware of the delicate balance and how careful we should be not to alter it too much. My favorite part of our garden these days is the 1 1/2 acres of woods out back. I put a simple trail through it and enjoy the natives plants that have been established there since it was logged off 100 years ago. About a 3 years ago I added a number of stumps and created a fern garden which I refer to as the Stumpette. It has filled in nicely and is a great addition to the garden.

NHS class

I’m also thankful for the gardening community. Over the last 20 years I have been involved with horticultural schools, societies and garden clubs. It is wonderful to be surrounded by like-minded individuals that share this common passion. The energy level just goes up when you are all in the same room. I appreciate how much I have learned from them. This year we opened for a few special events. The first was in mid-summer when we hosted an all day workshop on Four Season Gardening for the Northwest Horticultural Society. In August we also did a fundraiser for a non-profit called Puget Sound Goat rescue. They brought out a bunch of baby goats for people to come play with and shared their message on what they do to rescue goats. Toward the end of summer we hosted a couple Farm to Table Dinners which were well received. Thanks to all that attended these events.

I’ve also never met a non-profit I didn’t like. I’m a big supporter of public gardens. I think through the efforts of all the people that keep them going, all our lives are richer. Even for non-gardeners, the opportunity to spend time in open spaces connecting with nature is invaluable. I know for myself, when I walk into a garden my body just relaxes. It’s good for the soul, and probably the heart and disposition too.

the nursery

We opened our nursery 14 years ago and I appreciate all our regulars that keep us going by showing up for our open days and classes. I particularly enjoy the people who come here for the first time not knowing what to expect. Because we are small we usually have time to chat with most of them which is always fun. I think most appreciate the experience but not as much as I do. The garden continues to change and mature. A number of the plants we first planted are now becoming mature and the garden is beginning to look like the one in my minds eye.

Greg and baby runner duck

Even though I grumble about the animals I thoroughly enjoy them. It just catches me by surprise when someone drops off a bird or two or when Gary goes to a garage sale and comes home with a goat or a donkey. They all have their own personalities and are quite entertaining. The baby goat, Coco, has turned into a regular sized goat, well she’s actually kind of chubby. She somehow got spoiled. I kind of miss having Coco be in the house as our little lap goat. Now I just have to go down to the goat pen to visit her. She’s not interested in sitting in your lap anymore.

Gary and garage sale goat Earl

Most of all I’m thankful for my husband Gary. Not many people would have been willing to stop everything and move to to the country and try to figure out a whole different life.

Thanks to all of you that make our lives richer. Gary would chime in too but he is frantically decorating for Christmas.

Greg and Gary with Tom and Jerry

NHS class at Old Goat Farm

Summer dinning room

guinea hens

chickens by the duck pond

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